Discussing littlespace, regression tips, and how a person experiences their unique personality trait of being a little
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CeCe945 wrote: 2 months ago I'm just curious .
I feel very happy when I'm little but I've never feel that happiness when I'm not little.
Is my fault ? I did something wrong, maybe?
Active regression (when you are "feeling little" or "in littlespace") is a form of self-expression. It's very normal and natural to feel it's fulfilling when you experience it.

A lot of littles feel like they have to hide their regressive personality traits. It causes them to feel uncomfortable and unaccepted just like anyone else who feels like they have to hide important parts of their identity.

I would suggest you try to find times to really do "little things" and express yourself regularly so that you don't fall into a hole of depressive thoughts. You might also want to find ways to express your little personality traits in small ways throughout everyday life without allowing it to overtake your biological maturation and educational growth. Maybe having a plushie keychain would be helpful, maybe bringing a coloring book and colored pencils to school to use during free time, or maybe just going home and listening to silly songs and dancing for a half hour in your bedroom could really help you find your own security and self-acceptance to feel fulfilled as regressor. Finding your balance is key and I do truly think you can find ways that makes your non-regressive times okay and less unhappy.

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