Goofy and fun questions related to being little, littlespace, and regression.
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so, our daddy likes to send us to tickle jail. Tickle jail is pretty much getting tickles and it always sends us to little space in a flash =w= we think its kinda weird too but we think there are weirder things :3 such as naps. naps can make us little or even just the smallest hug from our daddy or the littlest smiles he does :3 what are some things that send you to little space that you think are a little weird? :3

and just talking about disney movies in general
And ones that are like uber nostalgic that I havent seen in a while throw me deep into little space because Ill remember watching as a kid

Crawling for any reason

like if Im looking for something and start crawling to look on the ground I just get shoved sooo far back into little space! its a little odd to me sometimes!

Sometimes I get thrown into it by simply playing with my puppy depending on if Ive been feeling uber little lately like last night

Temporary tatoos really do too because when I was biologically super little I loveed them so much

And bunnies!

they throw me so so SOOOOO deep in super fast!

And Overall shorts/dresses/skirts dont nessacarily throw me in, because I wear them alot even when Im not in littlespace because I just all around love the style, and have naturally always gravitated towards them and the more pastel style of clothes even outside of littlespace and being a little, BUT theyre a go to for me to wear in little space, they really help me feel even more little and cute when I am littlespacing, and theyre super fun to play in!

So those are some things that throw me into littlespace, idk if theyre nessacarily that odd, Im sure some of them are pretty natural actually, but to me some of these seem to be a little odd! :P

Tangled 😁😁

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