Goofy and fun questions related to being little, littlespace, and regression.
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We do that sometimes, it depends on how old we feels sometimes if it makes any sense TwT and yeah our daddy calls us super cute names too like "bubble pies" we're also his caregiver sometimes and love calling him cute names too :3 our favorites are flower boy, babycakes, and little petal =///w///=
I use some of the basic words like
paci and sippy
I use tankies or thankies
I babble so sooo much
gee gee
kiss kiss or kissies
I ask for sip sip(sip of drink)
I exaggerate words a looot < see? hehee
Cuttie wootie!(In little space or talking to a little!)

I also say LOVE LOVE LOVE alot too!
sometimes Ive even started using w’s in words

Boopboop too!

sometimes I even use these out of littlespace!
I tottaaally forgot about naaaames and words that I like being called that make me feel little!

Lets seeee theres
Little one
Babygirl or Babyboy(depending how I feel in my gender expression that day) orr baby if Im just in the middle like usual
Bun-Bun or Bun-Bon
Baby bunny
Baby Bun or Baby Bon
Sweet Pea
Little thing, little girl or little boy
little baby
little love(Only if its MY cg)
Baby love(MY cg only)
Love(MY cg only)
little monster

And I thought Id like to add since Im a switch, when I feel more cg mode, I use these for littles and kids I talk to in general(And if theyre MY little Id use little love, babby love, love, and more romantic names) , if theyre my friend I call them cute names like a would a younger sibling, I also use some of these for my dog so that might make it a little weird but to be fair I call him bubby sooo lol

TO BE CLEAR; I DO NOT condone non-romantic cgl relationships nor do I partake in them! I just treat littles like kids, and if theyre my friend I treat them as I would a younger sibling, so they feel more comfortable and feel more valid as a little, and I do NOT do it for anyone Im not friends with or it makes feel uncomfy
Things that I say when little are always different I don't have any set way I just speak when I wants cause me can gwo qwite young if meh wants

Things that put me in little space are hair styles
Sucking on something (thumb, paci or bottles)
Colure so pink light blue so on
It I'm extremely stressed or feeling axsois or sad I also go into little space sometimes to the point I can't tawk

I find it difficult to speak normally in big space after little space :crying: :angelo:

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